Poignant Electro Pop from Indiana. - Lauren Sanderson: To the People I Hurt (Music Video)
posted 28 Dec 2019 by Krister Axel
A poet in her own right, Sanderson shows us that art can be both tough and beautiful.

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Lauren Sanderson closes out the year with a poignant and cathartic apology, "To the People I Hurt," which explores the dynamic of how pain and emotional distress can pay itself forward, often with disastrous consequences. A raw and impassioned vocal performance elevates this valiant admission of guilt, in a rare and powerful example of artistic vulnerability, backed by a simple figure on electric guitar.

Lauren Sanderson is a Fort Wayne, Indiana native, whose broad musical palate can teach us all a little something about perseverance, gusto, and drive. From booking her own first tour while recording music in her bedroom closet, to opening for FINNEAS on tour this fall, Sanderson shows us the distance we can travel on the fumes of passionate confidence, and by quietly investing in the mastery of our own unique talents. Her debut album "Midwest Kids Can Make It Big" is due out next month, and "To the People I Hurt" encompasses the depth of her uplifting and tell-it-like-it-is personality, while also showcasing a softer side to her aggressive, rebel-punk exterior. A poet in her own right, Sanderson shows us that art can be both tough and beautiful, and in this captivating new track, we see the common thread of human experience that weaves all broken people together. Forging a path towards creative expression for personal tragedy cements the art of Lauren Sanderson as a public treasure, and offers a bit of solace to anyone that is still looking for a way to let go of the pain that still haunts them.

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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