Los Angeles Alt Pop Phenom. - Introducing Kristiane: Before the Night Is Over
posted 30 Jul 2022 by Krister Axel
A worthy soundtrack to heartbreak that also serves as a primer for the overcoming of adversity in all forms.

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Up-and-coming Los Angeles-based alt-pop star Kristiane drops her latest single, a preview from the EP "State Lines" coming out August 26 via FADER. Written in collaboration with writer-to-the-stars Carol Ades (Demi Lovato, Gracie Abrams, Benny Blanco), this nod to the complexity of love is full of pop hooks and hazy morning-after vibes.

Written in a flash of collaborative synergy from Carol’s couch in Los Angeles, this anthemic mid tempo burner mixes a sophisticated emotional sensibility with elements of personal storytelling and hard-won life lessons. The result is a gritty and sentimental ode to the evolution of personal power—as we learn about the significance of boundaries and learning from our mistakes. Together, Kristiane and Carol Ades have crafted a worthy soundtrack to heartbreak that also serves as a primer for the overcoming of adversity in all forms.

I’m landing upside down
But I’m really trying to figure out
How to get calls back
Or a thought that
It could be better
Before the night is over
Do you
Know how not to feel so small?
It’s like someone’s punching holes
Inside my fucking Voodoo Doll
Oh, I need to feel better
Before the night is over

I had been a fan of Carol’s songwriting for a long time, and was honored to bring this to life together. I went to her apartment and we sat on the couch and talked about our fears, love, life, etc. and the song came incredibly naturally. The song is largely about wanting to feel better after being overshadowed by pain for a long time, which is something I think we both resonated with. It is not self-indulgent, it is a testament to wanting to find the light at the end of the tunnel, which is very cathartic to me. — Kristiane

Kristiane Alphson always struggled to define a sense of home for herself. She grew up in Los Angeles which is an inherently transient experience—doubly so when you spend your youth moving from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Carol Ades, aka Caroline Pennell, has written songs with and for some of the world's biggest pop stars.

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