Enigmatic Chillwave Indie Jazz Hybrid. - Louis Prince: The Number Thirteen
posted 21 Feb 2020 by Krister Axel
A genre-bending powerhouse of aggressive live drumming, synth hooks, and whispery, enigmatic vocals.

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Louis Prince is getting ready to perform at SXSW 2020, and his latest track combines influences from the world of jazz with experimental soul vibes and ethereal layers of synthesizer-led ear candy. With an unorthodox arrangement that features sexy time changes and a lush sonic template, "The Number Thirteen" puts the raw artistry and production magic of Louis Prince on full display.

Jake McMullen, who performs as Louis Prince, was born in Orange County. His musical foundation includes a childhood spent listening to Frank Sinatra, Tom Waits, and the Beach Boys, along with the Christian music that came with a religious upbringing. He saw someone playing guitar in an OC shopping mall, and decided then that it was 'the coolest thing in the fucking world.' His fate was sealed. For "Thirteen," McMullen teamed up with close friend, musician, and producer Micah Tawlks to design a stylistic identity for his debut release that draws equally from Ethopian jazz and the works of Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett. Besides embodying a nod to the Ethiopian touristic slogan '13 months of sunshine,' the title of "Thirteen" draws from both superstition and tradition, in that McMullen has always enjoyed embracing what is seen as taboo. His dedication to music and the craft of songwriting is deep, and his willingness to tread the mysterious waters of innovation has resulted in a sound that is both unique and vitally rhythmic. Incorporating elements of chillwave, instrumental jazz, and unconventional indie rock, "The Number Thirteen" is a genre-bending powerhouse of aggressive live drumming, synth hooks, and whispery, enigmatic vocals.

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