Uplifting Acoustic Pop from Spain. - Luna Keller: I'll Bring You Home
posted 23 May 2020 by Krister Axel
May we all benefit from the love of someone who will lift us up when we fall.

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Luna Keller grew up surrounded by music, singing along to songs before she could even understand the lyrics. A few years later found her singing in the local choir with her mum, and finally she fell in love with the guitar, where she began to write her first songs. Luna uses music to channel her emotions, and has found her true passion in the art of songwriting.

Luna began busking in her hometown, on the sunny island of Tenerife. Recording her first songs together with her dad in their home studio, she has already collaborated with some amazing musicians - such as Bruce White (Peter Gabriel, U2, Coldplay, Adele), who plays the viola on her first song, "Sunset." Her latest track "I'll Bring You Home" is a beautiful folk-inspired track that was written for her beloved family, and underscores the important message that now more than ever, we need to make the effort to be there for one another. Luna Keller combines a refreshing instinct for pop melody with a welcome note on the resilience of human connection: may we all benefit from the love of someone who will lift us up when we fall.

Well-known producer Ulli Pfannmüller has mixed all of Luna's songs so far and is a very important part of her team. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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