NYC Electro Pop. - Mackenzie Shrieve: Androgyny
posted 08 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
A stunning exposition of the very real and human struggle to belong to this world.

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As a singer-songwriter, Mackenzie combines influences from folk and indie-pop, drawing from life experience to construct her lyrical journey while she invites her audience to honestly explore their own vulnerabilities. This song was written in the struggle to feel safe inside her own body, and as an expression of her own gender dysphoria, as well as a touchpoint for anyone who feels alone in the exploration of their own complicated sexuality.

This kind of self-directed catharsis is a critical component of the evolution of self, and with the added elements of electronic production-flourish, a hint of RnB flavor, and a piercing sense of self-affirmation, we find new inspiration and a zest for life based on the simple trust that nothing is a mistake. It’s ok to be afraid, and it is all right to not have all the answers. Androgyny, the latest from Mackenzie Shrieve, is the stunning exposition of a personal struggle to belong to this world, when there are not yet simple words for who you are.

I don’t feel like a woman today
I don’t feel like a man

Mackenzie Shrieve is a multi-disciplinary writer and performer based in NYC. This song is featured on our Indie Rock playlist.

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