Cathartic Folk Pop from Nashville and the Fleeting Comforts of Home. - Madeline Finn: Ohio
posted 24 Jun 2021 by Krister Axel
Perhaps we all share the same sense of longing across these illusory barriers of time and space.

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Nashville transplant Madeline Finn has penned a tribute to memories of home in her new roots-pop single "Ohio," which was produced by Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade) and Owen Lewis (Phillip Phillips, Lady Gaga). Over the last few years, Finn has explored the intricacies of complex emotion through song, pairing spacious arrangements with cascading guitar lines, the occasional orchestral effect, and light, transcendent elements of percussion.

Finn wrote the song as she sorted through her complicated feelings about relocating to Nashville from her hometown of Cleveland.

Moving away from home for the first time is an experience in itself, but moving away from home shortly before a global pandemic is another monster entirely, Before I moved to Nashville, I had convinced myself that everything would be better once I got out of town, I’d be able to leave behind all the toxic behaviors and views I carried with me while I built my life in Cleveland. Writing 'Ohio' led me to admit to myself that there was more work to be done than simply a change of scenery. — Madeline Finn

Lyrically, Finn dives right in with honest self-examination, but also offers a simple explanation for the ubiquity of youthful turmoil: it all serves the creative instinct in a myriad of ways. With "Ohio," Finn offers solace and warmth to other souls that are searching for a place that feels like home. An impeccable vocal performance and a beautiful dynamic progression will draw you in, while the intellectual tenor will resonate with anyone who has struggled with the mercurial forces of regret. Perhaps we all share the same sense of longing across these illusory barriers of time and space.

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