Gorgeous Indie Electronica Pairs 808s with Ukulele. - Max Fry: Take It Slow
posted 20 Dec 2020 by Krister Axel
Infectious indie-pop with a big dose of nostalgic down-tempo beats.

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US producer Max Fry taps Canadian singer Lhasa Petik for his latest collaboration, pairing 808s and ukuleles for charming new track “Take It Slow.” This intricately-layered track continues to build on Fry's fresh sound that simmers at the fringe of mainstream electronica.

Max has worked in the past with Chillhop stalwart Hanz, as well as artists like still haze and 92elm. Now he shifts his focus to infectious indie-pop with a big dose of nostalgic down-tempo beats. “Take It Slow” explores the intersection between sentimentality and raw escapism, as Petik's wistful and husky vocal performance feels both organic and impeccably delivered. This gorgeous song balances deep groove with melancholic introspection, illustrating Fry's versatility as a producer while providing a fine example of Petik's stunning vocal presence.

Max Fry is a songwriter and producer based in Jacksonville, Florida. Lhasa Petik is a singer-songwriter and bedroom producer from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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