More Amazing Indie Folk from the UK. - Meadowlark: Brainwashed
posted 05 Jul 2023 by Krister Axel
Romance is so often a distraction from the self-love that we actually crave.

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We've written about Meadowlark many times before - most recently for their single "What's It Like To Love Me." Something about their sound continues to captivate with a combination of fantastic songwriting, authentic performance vibes, and an impressive ability to cut straight to the core of emotional subject matter.

Latest single "Brainwashed" is about the idea, so prevalent in society, that somehow true happiness can only come through a partner, or really any other outside source. In many ways, the economic model of capitalism itself is premised on this sense of solitude, where the consumer is driven to consume by this need to fill a personal void with external inputs. This beautiful and heartwarming track is here to remind you that the present moment is all we have, and as a living, breathing human, you have everything you need to be happy right now.

With a light-hearted acoustic guitar mixed with subtle waves of piano, drums, and hand percussion, we take a minute to visit with the theory that romance is so often a distraction from the self-love that we actually crave.

Cause I've been brainwashed
Into thinking that I need you
Here goes another loss
To take away another light
I'm conditioned to believe that it's outside of me
So each time you go
An awakening

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