A Triumphant Return for this Songwriting Duo from London. - Meadowlark: What's It Like To Love Me
posted 26 Mar 2023 by Krister Axel
Offers a glimpse into the messy, storm-struck harbors of young love, adulthood, and self-realization.

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We've written about Meadowlark before—first in 2019 for their emotional masterpiece "Family Tree," and then again earlier this year for the preview of "Goodbye." They are probably best known for their runaway hit "Fly" from their 2017 album "Postcards," but in the years since that release, they have continued to push the boundaries of what is possible in the genre of Folk Pop by combining an intimate sense of lyricism with the fantastic vocal talents of Kate McGill. Together with writing and performance partner Daniel Broadley, Meadowlark consistently delivers thoughtful and delicate music with a focus on acoustic elements: whether that be the steel-string guitar, the acoustic piano, or both.

For latest track "What's It Like To Love Me," we revisit the pensive gravitas of an open tuning—by setting the restlessness of a I-IV figure against a flurry of disarming honesty. Here, we engage head-on with the anxiety of attachment; the questions that so often are more important than the answer. Love is such a ghost, so hard to inspect. So impossible to push against. Are we able to connect with someone without immediately unleashing a fear of losing them? Is the language of attraction an acceptable context for exploring our own interpretations of self? Is there another way to love, and be loved?

For fans of Lizzy McAlpine, this signature combination of beautiful melody, personal introspection, and a chamber pop aesthetic should feel both familiar and welcoming. Meadowlark owns a corner of this generation's coming-of-age—and offers a glimpse into the messy, storm-struck harbors of young love, adulthood, and self-realization. "What's It Like To Love Me" is a soothing and understated anthem for the bedrock of self-acceptance that lies beneath all other things in the elusive space that we call romance.

What's it like to love me?
Is it, is it easy
I want to know
What's it like to be
On the other side of this feeling?
I want to know

If I'm going to do this again
I need a friend
To tell me when I'm losing myself
When I'm losing them

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