UK Songwriting Duo Offers Gorgeous Preview of New Album. - Meadowlark: Goodbye
posted 08 Jan 2023 by Krister Axel
One day, it's just clear that happiness is possible again.

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I'm happy to note that the first music review of 2023 will be about this fantastic new single from Meadowlark, entitled "Goodbye." I remember writing about this songwriting duo quite a few years ago now, and after a period of time with Berlin-based label Fries Boom Barrier, they are back to releasing their singles independently. I was always struck with their sense of intimacy and directness; somehow, the writing from Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley instantly feels both fresh and authentic, leveraging a powerful instinct for emotive lyricism with Kate's unforgettable vocal fire.

"Goodbye" was constructed as that final wave to a lost love, as we come to terms with the lies we told ourselves for so long—and in doing so, we ignite a process of reemerging from the shadow of unhealthy companionship. One day, it's just clear that happiness is possible again. With deep, wistful layers of doubled vocal, we begin with a folk-driven melody setting the hook and building the narrative of a doomed romance. From an initial backdrop of acoustic guitar, on the heels of a shuffled snare figure, we drop immediately into that introspective pocket where the healing can begin. Added flourishes from an acoustic piano complete the roots-based production, with a mixture of solemnity and yearning that reminds me a bit of Leif Vollebekk.

South of the river
Thought it was me you'd choose
But that next winter
I left with King Street blues

And I was convinced you'd come back
Tell me that you miss me
But then again I always was a fool for you
And I was convinced you'd fall back
On our history

McGill and Broadley are preparing to release their third full length album in 2023, which promises to be nothing short of stunning.

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