Lush Synth Pop from Berlin. - Moli: So Jealous (Lyric Video)
posted 23 Apr 2020 by Krister Axel
When do we acknowledge that the disconnect between reality and Instagram is growing?

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Singer-songwriter Moli unveils a lush synth-pop ballad about the effects of living in a digitally-obsessed era. With "So Jealous," this Belgian-born performer with British roots questions how easy it is to alter an online persona, while coming to terms with her own deep-rooted anxieties about public perception, and the temptations of social media.

As she is consumed by the images in her own newsfeed, Moli finds someone that causes her mind to run wild. In a generation where human interaction consists primarily of staged selfies and toxic memes, emotional stability is the first casualty of record. But when is it time to take a step back? When do we acknowledge that the disconnect between reality and Instagram is growing, and an entire generation is torn between the two?

Moli crafts stunning music with youthful tones and a sincere aesthetic, and has been featured worldwide by tastemakers such as Paper, Wonderland, Girls Are Awesome, Majestic Casual and Complex. A natural writer and thrilling performer, she has already amassed millions of online plays, and is forging a new artistic path for herself in her newly-adopted home of Berlin. "So Jealous" invites us to confront our own lies of omission, and rediscover the type of honesty that comes without cognitive dissonance.

Her face her lips her curves
She shows a lot a skin
She’s probably insecure
But hiding it within
She gets a lot of likes
most of them are guys
One of them is you
It’s much to my dislike

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