Nashville Indie Rock - The Minks: J. Walker Blues
posted 06 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Combining a gritty blues-stomp with heavy guitars, a wailing harmonica, and a sense of casual-cool.

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Nashville’s The Minks present a music video for their first single J. Walker Blues, from upcoming debut full-length Light and Sweet, set for release later this year on Cafe Rooster Records. The video is a continuous shot that was filmed at local watering hole Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge, with a rotating cast of band members and friends supporting front-woman Nikki Barber’s day-in-the-life performance.

Directed and edited by Houston Mathews of Slowhand Films, Barber invites you into the private world of The Minks: the lights, sounds, and colors of a millennial cabaret, serving literal shots of mojo in the golden glow of beer signs and other barroom kitsch. As we watch the narrative unfold, and engage with the references - from an invective towards cell-phone culture to some props for Townes Van Zandt - we are left with an appreciation for the creativity of Barber playing out behind the scenes as producer, as well as a direct look at her emerging rock-and-roll credentials. The Minks are an indie-rock quartet out of Music City, combining a gritty blues-stomp with heavy guitars, a wailing harmonica, and a sense of casual-cool.

I might not be good, but you know I try
Instead of feeling like sitting here
And waiting around to die

The Minks are the latest act to join Cafe Rooster Records. Their debut full-length Light and Sweet is scheduled for release this Fall. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

-photo credit: Price Harrison

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