Nashville Songwriter Pays Tribute to a Broken Heart. - townsend: yours
posted 10 Sep 2022 by Krister Axel
townsend moves on from an agonizing moment in his life, and we are given the gift of watching it happen in slow motion.

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Nashville's John Townsend is a songwriter, musician and producer who dropped his first single "Falling Up" in 2019. Now just a few years later, he is building on the momentum of his early successes, including his collaboration with Milanese artist Noktis from last year "In my Blood." His latest single "yours" delivers a sentimental respite from his darker and more rhythmic work, recalling the wistful melodies of his 2020 single "Responsible."

"yours" was written and produced over the course of a few months while John was doing his best to recover from a difficult relationship. The attempt at therapeutic catharsis is palpable, although the result here is more of a tribute to the painful aftermath of a love that was never meant to be. With a dynamic arrangement that offers moments of graceful melody along with the electronic heartbeat of a subdued kick drum, paired with gorgeous hints of vocal embellishment, we find townsend at his most vulnerable. This heartfelt track resonates as a beautifully rendered glimpse into the raw core of a broken heart. townsend moves on from an agonizing moment in his life, and we are given the gift of watching it happen in slow motion.

I don’t feel like myself
I woke up dreaming when you told me you found someone else
Overthinking my actions
React with distractions
It's how I learned to cope with any growing pain

If only nostalgia
Wasn’t threaded all around ya
Maybe I could tear this stitch right out
The changing of seasons
The storm wasn’t leaving
Guess that’s the reason I’m going with now

Fade into the ether
Til you won't see when you look back
Too cold to remember
If a flame could even last
So we locked the door and let the housе burn to the floor
If it wasn’t love what was it for
You werе never mine — I wasn’t yours

I wrote and produced this over the course of a few months while I was trying to get past someone. Obviously its never easy but it always hurts a little more when you have lots of good memories that replay in your head. It's more of an internal letter to them and how I'm making the decision to finally move on. — townsend

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