Sultry International Pop from Warsaw and Mumbai. - Natalia Lesz & Sonu Nigam: Fire in the Sky (Music Video)
posted 25 Jan 2020 by Krister Axel
An ode to romantic destiny that bristles with the tides of the ocean and the restlessness of impatient love.

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Leading Mumbai-based independent record label 9122 Records launches the all-new international single "Fire in the Sky" by Indian pop-legend Sonu Nigam, in collaboration with Polish actress and singer Natalia Lesz. The official music video was directed by Rahul Sud and features both Sonu and Natalia, while delivering the perfect visual complement of spectacular cinematography and a sumptuous mise-en-scéne.

After more than 40 years in the entertainment business, and having had the pleasure of collaborating with the best minds and talent that the world has to offer, Sonu Nigam has reached a point where he is only interested in working with artists and songs that can truly touch his soul. Natalia Lesz was equally enamored of the joint effort, while both artists credit Sunil at 9122 Records with the expertise and dedication required to bring such an ambitious international project together. Sunil D’Sa, Founder of 9122 Records, returns the compliment: "This is contemporary pop music at its very best."

"Fire In The Sky" includes contributions from Swedish songwriters Kristoffer Eriksson, Lina Hansson, and Simone Porter, as well as Natalia Lesz, Sonu Nigam and award-winning British mix engineer Jeremy Wheatley. Sonu Nigam is popularly known as "The Voice of Bollywood," while Natalia Lesz has found success as both a commercial actress and Billboard hit-maker. Together, they have created an ode to romantic destiny that bristles with the tides of the ocean and the restlessness of impatient love. The synergy between these two masters of popular music is both inspired and breathtaking.

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