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posted 21 Dec 2018 by Krister Axel
Because sometimes love gets away from you, and you don’t know why; you just know that it’s gone.

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The sweet sound of love adorns this hopeful chamber-pop ballad - it’s the confection of an obsession: the moment you see everything all at once.

The thing about falling for someone is that it is an inherently dangerous act. One can be forgiven for having just a bit of pause; if only we could choose when and how it happens.

From the first that I saw you
I knew that I was home
I found a sense of something
That made me feel like I belonged
I tasted of a glory
That I’d never known before
One glimpse of your beauty
And it left me wanting more

Clearly there was potential; the final directive here is to shine a light on the importance of timing. The emotional dance of a relationship with someone is based on equal partnership, but also on an agreement to jump at the same time.

Oh Bella won’t you wait and see
Oh Bella I wish I could guarantee
I don’t want to dream at a distance
cause it’s far too much to bear
and if you’re standing at the shoreline
it means that I’m not there

Because sometimes love gets away from you, and you don’t know why; you just know that it’s gone.

Native Culture is:

VOCALS: Dave Hogg

GUITAR: Casey Tomberlin

KEYS: Jeremiah George

BASS: Alex Melendez

This is the first track from Bella: the story of pursuing a 10 year dream to move across the world and experience la dolce vita, told through one song each month.

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