Aggressive Indie Pop from Brisbane FFO Robyn. - Neverkid: When It Comes To You (music video)
posted 07 Dec 2019 by Krister Axel
A raw and personal vision of aggressive, rhythmic indie pop, perfect for fans of Robyn.

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Neverkid's debut single When It Comes To You is an indie pop track that features a stacked-vocal chorus hook served over 80s-retro synths and an edgy, pulsating bass loop. Neverkid's moody, alto-vocal performance provides a melodic counter-balance to the driving beat, while the inspiration for the song comes from a place of intensity and frustration with a relationship that is not what it seemed to be at the beginning.

Neverkid has been writing songs, singing, and playing piano from an early age and records music in her home studio, as well as working with local producers. The music video for When It Comes To You, partially filmed in her garage in East Brisbane and partially at her old university, have so far featured on Scenestr and AMNplify, with the single recently receiving airplay on SYN radio in Victoria. Her raw and personal vision of aggressive, rhythmic indie pop is perfect for fans of Robyn: When It Comes To You is a bold and precise amalgam of romantic angst and electronic artistry.

Neverkid (Shannon O'Brien) is an indie/electronic pop artist from Brisbane, Australia. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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