Electronic Pop from the UK. - New Wolves: A Modern Debt feat. Flo (Radio Edit)
posted 07 Dec 2021 by Krister Axel
How do we find genuine connection when we cannot know what the future holds?

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With a recent nod from Rolling Stone France, New Wolves are a promising electronic pop trio from the UK making waves with their "acoustic meets broken synthesizer" instrumentation and an instinct for sticky melodic hooks. Latest single "A Modern Debt" benefits from a duet with recent BBC Radio 6 track of the week artist Flo and delivers a warm bit of wonky alt-pop, driven equally by synthesizers and electric guitar.

This engaging track matches a recurring riff with a bouncy groove and the kind of authenticity that is very welcome in these challenging times. The lyrics touch on the mass of theories, paranoia and worry about the future that can interfere with the delicate process of falling in love. A rhythmic flow and an enigmatic chorus leave us with the question unanswered: how do we find genuine connection when we cannot know what tomorrow will bring?

I am just another boy sitting at the waters edge
Waiting for the air to change
Waiting for the seas to rise
I am just another girl caught up in a modern debt
Waiting for my pulse to change
Waiting for the earth to curve
I loved you from the other side


Steven: Vocals, guitars, synths, songwriting

Julian: Keys, guitars, vocals

David: Drums, vocals

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