Melodic Alt Pop from Copenhagen. - Nicklas Sahl: There For You (Music Video)
posted 23 Feb 2020 by Krister Axel
Personifies the struggle of two young men who are being forced apart by powers beyond their control. Will they be reunited before it is too late?

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Award-winning Danish songwriter Nicklas Sahl is building on his success in 2019 with new single "There For You." Last year's Platinum-certified hit "New Eyes" has exposed his modern alt-pop to a worldwide audience, and his new track features an inviting vocal performance, subtle harmony, and an electronic drum groove that bounces behind a simmering hook on the acoustic guitar.

"There For You" explores the reality of how friendships can evolve from an original intimacy into something else - sometimes life presents challenges to a personal connection, as time and distance between old friends can do lasting damage to the relationship. With a sound that is both contemporary and timeless, this track speaks directly to a generation that often struggles to build long-lasting bonds in an era of short attention spans and immersive media saturation. The music video was produced by Mellow and stars Alex Høgh, a young actor best known for his role as Ivar the Boneless in HBO’s "Vikings."

Nicklas Sahl was raised in the small town of Hadsten, and after falling in love with the pop music he heard on the radio, was inspired to attend a music school at the age of seven. Later he moved to Copenhagen in search of a career in music. Sahl cites diverse influences like the early works of Bon Iver, and the classic songwriting of Paul Simon, as having shaped his melodic and introspective approach to pop songwriting. An extensive international tour is planned for the months ahead that includes shows in Germany, the UK and North America, as well as more new music. Sahl's first single "Hero" was named as Single of the Week on Danish national radio, and was followed by the #1 radio single "Four Walls." He’s already scored three Top 10 airplay hits and has exceeded 40 million streams. "There For You" personifies the struggle of two young men who are being forced apart by powers beyond their control. Will they be reunited before it is too late?

The clothes for Nicklas Sahl's music video were provided by Diesel. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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