Seattle Singer Gets Real. - Noah Gundersen: Lover
posted 25 Aug 2019 by Krister Axel
Pauses to reflect on themes of attraction and the illusion of choice.

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Seattle-based musician Noah Gundersen is back with a fresh sound on his new album 'Lover', out now from Cooking Vinyl. With a music video for the title track, Gundersen explores themes of fear, anxiety, and desire.

Working closely with collaborator Andy Park, Gundersen navigates the sense of emptiness that lives inside all of us, and pauses to reflect on themes of attraction and the illusion of choice. For Gundersen, the experience of making music is deeply personal. In this video, we experience the connection between two souls, even as we understand the personal sacrifice that comes from making room for someone else in your heart.

Sometimes you tell yourself something over and over, just hoping that it will eventually come true, trying to fill an unspeakable void.

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