Vulnerable Indie Pop from Ireland. - Orla Gartland: Heavy
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posted 23 Jan 2020 by Krister Axel
The catharsis of love-lost creates a solid pathway for Gartland's art, through the turbulent waters of public opinion.

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2019 was a landmark year for indie-pop songstress Orla Gartland: she released her first widely-acclaimed EP "Why Am I Like This?," with the title song already tracking more than 4.5 million streams, and played a sold-out European headlining tour. With a voice like hers, it is no wonder - from the first note, we are transported to a place of vulnerability, and emotional openness.

Gartland's effortless soprano underscores a simple truth, which is that cutting ties with someone you love probably should feel this hard; there is a painful emptiness to the process of uncoupling, and the reality of missing someone intensely, that cannot be ignored. Yet, sometimes, the feeling of loss can take us unawares, and we are left to cope in any way we can. For Gartland, that place of comfort was the deeply personal process of songwriting. Now, she is lauded for her brand of 'confessionary pop,' such that her own catharsis of love-lost has created a solid pathway for her art, through the turbulent waters of public opinion. With over 15 million streams on Spotify alone, and well over 450k monthly followers, as well as more than 220K YouTube subscribers, it is clear that her sharp sense of honest lyricism has laid the foundation for an enduring and successful career. With a simple mix of acoustic piano and passionate vocal delivery, along with a beautiful string arrangement, the focus of "Heavy" stays right where it belongs: on the difficult reality of heartbreak, and the peace of mind that lies beyond.

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