Kentucky Noise-Pop. - Listen to Owoso: Dirt Mound
posted 06 Apr 2019 by Krister Axel
Repurposes a private meditation as a universal statement about embracing our own true nature.

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With a suspended inversion in the bass, the intro to this song might remind you of that old Lou Reed classic Walk on the Wild Side, while some fast triplets on the mandolin create depth over the straight groove. A sense of freedom and informality is strong here, with dynamic changes from the bridge, and a few surprises from the saxophone.

What is interesting about this track is the total disregard for convention. A moniker like noise-pop is deliberately imprecise, where noise seems to be a synonym for chaos. That musical entropy flows through the Parker-esque baritone sax performance, as well as the elevated energy from the arrangement itself. The message looks to be finding solace in the current moment, with an element of existential rage. Youth, after all, is a cosmic brinksmanship between the unstoppable force of personal symbolism and the immovable object of personal mortality. Every day is a choice: do we concede, or prevail, in our search for a better world?

Dirt Mound, the latest from Kentucky’s Owoso, repurposes a private meditation as a universal statement about embracing our own true nature.

Owoso is a noise-pop band located in Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky. This song is featured on our Lost Treasure - Indie Rock playlist.

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