Uplifting Roots Pop from London. - Paul Cook & The Chronicles: Parade
posted 27 Jun 2022 by Krister Axel
Every day is a gift that we should not take for granted.

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With a long string of singles and EPs released under the name Paul Cook & the Chronicles, indie folk artist and 'musician type from London town' Paul Cook has been keeping busy. His latest release "Parade" is a glass-half-full kind of song, where let-downs become success stories thanks to the place that they’ve helped bring you to. This is his 4th release in 2022 and a sister track to recent single "Chin Up."

Distilled from a melting pot of musical influences that includes vintage heavyweights like Simon & Garfunkel and Big Star as well as contemporary acts like Andy Shauf, Whitney, and The War On Drugs, Paul's music moves deftly between upbeat acoustic fare and laid-back, melody-driven alt-rock. "Parade" features a warm acoustic guitar, delicate dobro riffs, and a roots-heavy rhythm section that gives this hopeful song the easy flow of an instant classic. Paul's vibrant lead vocal reminds us all that life is full of surprises—and every day is a gift that we should not take for granted.

At least I wanna be around here, on any old given day
And I know I'm going up and down yeah, or round & round anyway

One more thing before I go I really wanna stay
So I’ll show I can lead it all the way
One more thing to tell you I was always home-made
And I hope that you'll see me on parade

The second half of this year will see Paul release a few more songs with a full-length pencilled in for early 2023.

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