Chill Indie Pop from Brisbane. - Watch the Music Video for PINK LAKSA: Starlight
posted 24 Aug 2021 by Krister Axel
PINK LAKSA's lazy pop is inspired by the beauty she sees in the vulnerable and broken aspects of life.

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With a production assist from CHILLFILTR fave T Scarlett, Brisbane-based Pink Laksa drops a new single about procrastination and the eternal struggle between discipline and artistic freedom. Written in snowy Montreal with Jarryd Shuker last year, Pink Laksa found refuge from the -40°C weather by getting baked and making addictive, chilled-out music.

Her lazy pop is inspired by the beauty she sees in the vulnerable and broken aspects of life. "Starlight" explores the ephemeral link between hard work and enjoying the fruits of success — we can all relate to the feeling of wanting to stay on the couch all day without feeling guilty about it. If only life was that simple. This refreshing indie-pop gem offers respite from that cycle of self-criticism with an unctuous, bass-driven groove, delicious micro-drops, and a stunning vocal performance from a self-described space cadet of French and African descent. We look forward to more stellar electronic pop from Pink Laksa after such an impressive debut.

It goes away
It fades away fast
I’m attracted to sunlight
The easy way out
I fell in love with the starlight
But I dwell I the dark
And you say you don’t care
But you really wanna know the truth

The music video by Saën Sunderland was shot in Pink Laksa's apartment and on her street in Brisbane.

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Video & Edit by Saën Sunderland
Written by Pink Laksa, Jarryd Shuker
Performed by Pink Laksa
Produced by T Scarlett
Mixed by Jarryd Shuker
Mastered by George Georgiadis

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