Eclectic Indie Pop from Oakland. - Pretty Fire: The Rush
posted 01 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Sometimes, in the right moment, even the mistakes can be beautiful.

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The Rush, from Pretty Fire thrills as an ode to the dangerous feeling of attraction, that tactile ecstasy that can come from physical affection, and those early moments of young love. Weaving in a little bit of syncopated counterpoint, modified clave, and tumbao on the bass captivates the listener with a combination of world and Afrobeat influences, delivered over a backbone of indie pop.

As we begin to understand, the journey really is the destination, and if we can find peace right now then we can always find peace. The Rush, the latest from Oakland’s Pretty Fire, stands as an intriguing metaphor for personal engagement: the trick is always enjoyment without regret. But sometimes, in the right moment, even the mistakes can be beautiful.

Based out of Oakland, Pretty Fire is on a mission to spread love through music. This song is featured on our Roots collection playlist.

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