Indie Folk from the UK FFO Alexi Murdoch. - Rainy: Still Here
posted 15 Nov 2019 by Krister Axel
An inviting call for emotional solidarity across all lines of division.

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With a confident folk-style that might remind you of Alexi Murdoch, Still Here is the new track from Rainy that takes an appreciation for life and mixes in a beautiful acoustic guitar performance and an Americana-roots flourish. The whispered vocal and precision-fingerpicking creates a sense of naturalistic imagery, a halting cadence, and a redemptive sense of hope for humanity behind the comforting walls of an open tuning.

In terms of lead vocal, Rainy achieves a warm baritone croon that gives echoes of Michael Franti. The added elements of dobro and mandolin, along with the drum shuffle that shows up in the end of the song, all contribute to a palpable sense of connection, and chemistry. Still Here, the latest from UK artist Rainy, is an inviting call for emotional solidarity across all lines of division.

The music video will be ready soon, for now enjoy the video teaser and the full song is below. and be sure to follow him on Spotify.

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