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A poem that was written indoors during quarantine while craving movies, travel, fine dining and the great outdoors. - photo credit: Joshua Hoehne

Dolby sound ringing

carved ears that clang of mountains

garlic, scallops and cobs.

Doilies drip blood of dead Cabernet

and. Zooming exhausted kitchens.

Unexplored miniature boxes

inside. Isolation lane.


Navigating smoked oven wishes

that. Eiffel the tower of my aching heart.

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About the Author


Lanette Ware-Bushfield

New York City

Lanette is a NYC-born actor/writer who has worked with Samuel L. Jackson, Bella Thorne, Chris Rock, & many more. She is the creator of THE MOTHER LOAD podcast, and plays Sally on THE WEDDING PLANNERS.