Introspective Catharsis from LA-Based Grammy Winner. - Rich Jacques: Everything Must Change
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posted 30 Jul 2022 by Krister Axel
A reminder that in life, change is the only constant.

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We've written about Rich Jacques before—while first introduced to his body of work through the hypnotic electronic single "Joy Follows Like a Shadow That Never Leaves," we've also written coverage for a more folk-inspired single (from this same release) that was conceived as an homage to the beautiful coastal town of Montecito. This eclectic Grammy-winning performer has now released the full six-track EP called "Everything Must Change," the title track to which brilliantly splits the difference between acoustic roots music and downtempo beats. This, in turn, further crystallizes his presence as a songwriter that specializes in introspective minimalism with a cinematic feel across a wide variety of musical subgenres.

With a broad career that often sees Rich shifting between roles as producer, songwriter, guitarist, and artist, since moving to Los Angeles 20 years ago he has worked with countless musical luminaries like Lisa Loeb and Colin Hay and seen his music feature in iconic shows like Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and The Vampire Diaries. We are proud to support his latest release—a sublime and multifaceted EP that is ready to lead you through his inspired and soothing world of poignant reflection. Both intimate and spiritually vast, here Rich Jacques offers a reminder that in life, change is the only constant. With time to reflect during the isolation and quiet of Lockdown, Rich Jacques began to question how he was living his life and realized that many of the fundamental choices he was making were based on old habits. With this EP, we are given access to the train of thought and ultimate catharsis that has brought new meaning to his noteworthy career.

"Everything Must Change" offers a blueprint for the subtle shifts in lifestyle that can reveal true happiness: as we discover the importance of love and human connection, and a willingness to explore the kind of solitude that can open the door to a new version of ourselves.

As I lay here on the ground
All the clouds are changing shape
And the world keeps turning round but
Nothing ever stays the same
Everything I thought I knew
All at once it looks so strange
Nothing's certain in this life
But everything must change

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