Gorgeous Chamber Pop from Vancouver. - Sam Lynch: Good Year
posted 03 Jan 2021 by Krister Axel
This mournful, yet gorgeous ballad mixes dynamic swells with a vocal presence that is both hopeful and resolute.

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We've written about Sam before - here and here. Her voice is both warm and inviting, as "Good Year" lays out the plaintive framework for a year of hard-earned recovery. This mournful, yet gorgeous ballad mixes dynamic swells with a hopeful and resolute vocal presence.

Sam Lynch’s story began in the wake of a major life shift, when she followed the impulse to throw everything familiar out the window, and lean into the free-fall of uncertainty. Now based in Vancouver, Lynch has been evolving and expanding her relationship with music for quite some time. Her full length project entitled "Little Disappearance" is out now via the Birthday Cake label. "Good Year" puts the spotlight squarely on Lynch’s voice, with subtle harmonies and an emotional delivery that is both ruminative and optimistic. Lynch's heart-on-her-sleeve artistry is a beautiful way to start out the year, and her new album delivers a series of sentimental, melodic gems that will not disappoint fans of ethereal, organic music that lies on the spectrum between folk and chamber pop.

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