Los Angeles Rising Star of Electronic Alt Pop. - Introducing Shoffy: Fade
posted 23 Nov 2022 by Krister Axel
Shoffy continues to bring in new fans with his signature combination of sugar-sweet vocals and fluttering beats.

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After spending the past few years developing a loyal fan base, LA-based writer, producer, and performer Shoffy is set to release his latest full-length "... Onward." His brand of electronic-based pop and RnB has earned him many millions of streams for his top tracks "Takes My Body Higher" and "Cool Again." His music has been featured on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Charts as well as from outlets like FADER, Billboard, and CLASH, as he continues to bring in new fans with his signature combination of sugar-sweet vocals and fluttering beats.

"Fade" explores the ubiquitous and evergreen phenomenon of romantic attraction, ending—as love so often does—with a deep sense of introspection. His music offers a fitting soundtrack for anyone that struggles with self-identity, as Shoffy explores the next step in his evolution and embraces the considerable range of his own musical personality. "... Onward" serves as a statement release, setting the stage for further growth as his music expands into its newfound role at the forefront of his genre.

When I pull down the veil
I know we were born to fail
Shimmering in the sun
Just a mirage
Coming undone

You’re a distraction a simple distraction
I’m gonna fade away I am gonna fade away

This album came together in the last several months. I wrote and produced it, and the music is a collection of my favorite genres, sounds, melodies, and lyrical themes. I recorded it in my home studio in LA, and have one collab with my friend Sidizen King. The cover is a photo I took in Yosemite, one of my favorite places. I go about once a year and walk or bike on that path. I made this album for all my fans out there who like my music, and made it for myself because I love to create, and put new songs out in the world. — Shoffy

"Fade" was released on Otherground Records.

Visit Shoffy on Instagram.

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