Stunning Folk Pop from a Village in Sweden. - Skott: Darling
posted 15 Sep 2020 by Krister Axel
Delivers a compelling mixture of self-exploration and charming melodic hooks.

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Skott is a critically-acclaimed indie Folk songwriter and producer from Sweden, who released highly-anticipated debut album "Always Live For Always" on June 12th via Dollar Menu, in partnership with Cosmos Music. "Darling" is the last song on the album, and finds her showcasing a stunning vocal performance alongside a simple backing track of acoustic guitar, and a roots-flavored rhythm section.

With a lilting 6/8 time signature, "Darling" has the feeling of a lullaby, and allows us all some much-needed temporary refuge in the warm embrace of romantic aspiration, as we share in the unshakeable belief that love is life's most vital currency. We are left with little wonder as to why Skott has earned early co-signs from the likes of Katy Perry and Lorde, both of whom tweeted about her music before she went on to support acts like MØ and Phantogram.

Growing up in the small, wooded village of Vikarbyn, Skott's music celebrates a unique way of life and upbringing that has given her the gift of a truly original sensibility and musical style. The production on "Darling" reflects a strong commitment to the rawness and depth of the original demo, and delivers a compelling mixture of self-exploration and charming melodic hooks. In the delicate process of writing and recording her forthcoming debut album, Skott searched for a way to release new music without having to compromise on her creative vision. When the opportunity presented itself, she started her own record label. "Always Live For Always" results from years of hard work and genuine inspiration, and a talent for lyrical honesty that feels fresh and simply beautiful.

And all that I see is darlin'
Nothing is harder than it actually is
And wild dreams
Darlin', let's stay in the wild and
See where it leads

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