Lofi Indie from Philadelphia and South Jersey. - Smokeyy: Yesterday
posted 25 Jun 2022 by Krister Axel
Heartfelt music written directly from personal experience that offers a template for others to get in touch with their inner freedom.

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With roots in both Philadelphia and South Jersey, songwriter and performing artist Smokeyy is heating things up in the music industry with his unique combination of trap beats, indie rock, and soaring melodies. After losing his father in 2021 he felt lost between losing someone so close to him, a job he hated, and everyday stressors that made it hard to simply soldier on. His album "You Seem Lost" was an oath of sorts—to himself and anyone that was listening—that he would always find a way to keep his head above water.

"Yesterday" takes on that sense of commitment to a positive future, as he acknowledges the need to both acknowledge and move on from the confines of a difficult past. His heartfelt music is written directly from personal experience, and offers a template for others to get in touch with their inner freedom. Smokeyy's approach to writing is informed by a willingness to explore different sounds and textures: from the deep roots of legendary bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd, to Lofi contemporaries like Kurt Vile and Real Estate.

Who is at my window
Who's at my door
Should I answer
Or should I go
I'm happier than yesterday
But I still got a long way
Nobody likes the long way home
Believe in fate
Wrap it up inside the fate
How bad do I want it
I think that I should own it now

Smokeyy has been in various musical projects beginning at the age of 15. He is self-taught on the drums and guitar, as well as many other instruments. Lately his focus has been on music production.

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