Austin Duo Celebrates Night of Nights. - STRVCK: Calling in Sick
posted 19 Feb 2022 by Krister Axel
Celebrates the realization that nothing will get in the way of the moment that is unfolding.

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Chelsea Seth Woodward was struck by a bolt of lightning as he inserted his key to unlock the driver-side door of his vehicle. He was subsequently rushed to the hospital, suffering a large cut on the back of his head, a concussion, and some short term memory loss. Miraculously he emerged from the event with no long term injuries, and later formed the band STRVCK with fellow Austin musician Drew Walker, devising the band name as a nod to this life-changing event.

STRVCK's sound combines elements of synth driven electronic pop with a guitar-driven sonic core that shares inspiration with indie rock pioneers Blackbear and Chet Faker, among many others. With help from producer (and sometimes co-writer) Max Frost, they created their debut album, “Day One.” Latest single "Calling in Sick" celebrates the realization that nothing will get in the way of the moment that is unfolding, as we experience a physical rapture between two lovers that is nothing short of ecstatic. With a rhythmic groove that matches a heavy synth bass with bubbly arpeggios and an aggressive drum mix, "Calling in Sick" is simply the soundtrack to the greatest night of your life.

Tonight’s too good to let it end
We’re calling in sick in the morning
We should probably stay in bed
We’re calling in sick in the morning
Drink tonight
Time won’t be wasted
You and I
Toast to the greatest
Night of nights
Come on lets face it
We’re calling in sick in the morning

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