Unique Songwriter Returns with Introspective Single. - Suzy Callahan: I'm Nothing
posted 02 Mar 2022 by Krister Axel
What if we lived like no one is judging?

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We've written about Suzy Callahan a few times now (here, here, and here). She is a one-of-a-kind songwriter from Maryland with a beautiful voice and an eclectic sensibility that covers the space between indie rock, folk, and alternative pop. For latest release "I'm Nothing"—which she describes as a little country, a little folk, a lotta truth serum—she decided to go with a stripped down production approach, leveraging her trusty acoustic guitar against organic percussion sounds and intricate layers of her signature vocal harmony.

As usual, Suzy puts her finger on a hidden truth of the human experience, exploring that uncomfortable ground between reality and dream where we are forced to come to terms with the limits of personal fantasy. In her distinctive way, Susie invites us all to be honest with ourselves: offering self-acceptance as a consolation prize for losing touch with the destructive, all-or-nothing type of ambition that lies at the heart of our global malaise. The question of whether we'd rather be broken or voluntarily confused is an important one. Maybe there is another option, which is to follow the path of our own inspiration wherever it may lead—which happens to be something that Suzy Callahan does quite well.

Here, Suzy strips away the pretense of public perception and gets down to what is real. You may have heard the adage the we should all 'dance like nobody is watching.' On her latest single "I'm Nothing," Suzy Callahan asks the question: what if we lived like no one is judging?

I admire people who never give up
But I could never live on that tough
Side of the town
Cuz bad is good and good is bad
When all is lost ain't nothing sad as
Holding on when you should let go
Are these illusions or just delusions
We'll never know

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