Miami Indie Pop. - The Hails: Sugar
posted 26 Aug 2019 by Krister Axel
An indie-pop dance track about riding that fine line between pleasure and regret.

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Soon after group members Robbie Kingsley, Franco Solari, Dylan McCue, Andre Escobar, and Zach Levy met at the University of Florida, they began their journey as The Hails. With the aide of longtime producer Matthew Lewin, the band found their voice and vision, reinventing flavors of nu-disco for a new generation of young Miamians by balancing a sense of artful experimentation with an instinct for upbeat and danceable groove.

Their latest single "Sugar," is a cinematic piece about youthful indiscretion sprinkled with the smoothness of 80’s synth-pop. The bouncy track crescendos into a rhythmic bridge that contrasts the themes of empty relationships, substance abuse, and personal anxiety. Inspired by the cool glamour and fast life of the Miami Vice era, The Hails utilize powerful snares and classic drum machines to create an irresistible sound of their own. Sugar is an indie-pop dance track about riding that fine line between pleasure and regret.

Take me where your lights will lie.

photo credit: Vanessa Vlandis

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