Boston Afrobeat-Soul. - Listen to The Last Love
posted 14 Jun 2019 by Krister Axel
A party-jam with flavors of jazz, Afrobeat, and 60’s disco-pop.

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The deep funk-groove here is built primarily with clavinet and bass, and a 16th-note shuffle on the acoustic drums. A dance-friendly feel that splits the difference between the Bee Gees and Fela Kuti keeps the energy flowing, and lyrically we have a message about the uncertainties of life, and how we build our future one decision at a time.

The lead vocal feels at once indignant and apologetic, as we see the suspension in time that happens when decisions don’t get made. But the pocket is so nice, you won’t mind the inner conflict.

I can’t love you, but I could never give you up.

The Last Love, this Boston band’s self-titled single, is a party-jam with flavors of jazz, Afrobeat, and 60’s disco-pop that delivers a bouncy message about the complexities of navigating a relationship.

The Last Love: six members of the human species blasting soul and Afrobeat dance music into the infinite cosmos.

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