Ambient Instrumental. - TROVA: Ayer Te Vi
posted 15 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Delivers a powerful mid-tempo rock message about how deeply we all need each other.

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TROVA delivers a dream-like, ambient Synthwave that lives between reality and illusion, achieved by blending minimalist arrangements with waves of arpeggiated synth-lead. TROVA’s first song Alpine was included in TMP Records' first Electronic Compilation album Earth Transmission which included fellow TMP artists Echo Kraft, Mr. MP, JYAYO and guest artists Luxas and HHNOI.

The sound is fresh and light, joining elements of Ambient and Warm Drone with a nod to SciFi and video-game music. The plaintive bell-tones of the high-end electronica meld slowly with the mellow pads, creating an open and inviting space for the mind to wander. Ayer Te Vi is another promising track from the Creative Director of TMP Records LLC and Trovador / Trubador Music Publishing that brings a retrospective sense of melancholy to the smooth tones of modern Ambient music.

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