Twan Ray - We Could Start a Thing
posted 09 Dec 2020 by Krister Axel
A distraction, an obsession, and a beautiful escape from the messy circumstances of everyday life.

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Twan Ray is a 20-year-old singer & songwriter from Amsterdam. His new single "We Could Start a Thing" has become something of a viral hit on Spotify, and this year has brought Twan Ray's total to over 60 million streams across all services - and that number continues to climb quickly.

What's the secret? For this delicate, love-struck acoustic-pop blockbuster, Twan teamed up with Amsterdam based songwriter & producer Radboud Miedema, the guy behind hits from a.o. Lost Frequencies (Reality), Alle Farben (Little Hollywood). Twan quickly figured out that he had something special.

One day I picked up my guitar and started singing this song, then realized this one felt different than anything I’d ever done before. True vibes from a locked up mind. — Twan Ray

"We Could Start a Thing" has a classic feel - the acoustic guitar, the lyrics, and the melody all come together to create a very specific mood. It's that moment when anything is possible, and nothing is certain:

Baby you're so stunning
You so different
Spend my money
I won't miss it.
I can't help myself
I can't help myself

Like the rest of us, over the last year Twan Ray found himself quarantined in a bedroom, yearning for a world that is not so complicated. With all that time for introspection, he connected with something - and this instantly-memorable song was born. "We Could Start a Thing" encapsulates that dream of a multipurpose love - a distraction, an obsession, and a beautiful escape from the messy circumstances of everyday life.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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