Hard-Hitting Dance Pop from Australia. - Vera Blue: Lie To Me
posted 22 Dec 2020 by Krister Axel
Combines live drums with deep electronic groove-making, and leverages a sizzling synth-bass as foundation for Pavey's extraordinary vocal capacity.

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Australian phenom Vera Blue is back with a music video for her new single “Lie To Me,” out now via Republic Records. Her metamorphosis from gifted folk singer-songwriter Celia Pavey into the electro pop powerhouse Vera Blue has been both visually stunning and musically exhilarating.

Her story began with the release of critically-lauded EP "Fingertips" and its breakthrough platinum single “Hold,” where Pavey fuses raw lyrical insights and captivating vocals with elegant, hypnotic electronica. Debut album Perennial came next; along with dance-inducing, double platinum single “Regular Touch” – and its far more cinematic visual direction. This time, a Goddess-like Vera Blue presents a soaring vocal performance as wild and resplendent as her flaming hair.

With 3 million spins already this year on Spotify alone, Vera Blue continues to make her presence known to fans of hard-hitting dance pop. “Lie To Me” combines live drums with deep electronic groove-making, and leverages a sizzling synth-bass as a foundation for her extraordinary vocal capacity. Equal parts psychotic and theatrical, Pavey's intoxicating presence in the music video for "Lie To Me" delivers a kaleidoscope of color and emotional depth.

Would you lie to me?
If I lie, would you lie?
Say goodbye to me?

"Lie To Me" was written and produced by Vera Blue with the help of siblings Andy and Thom Mak, along with engineer Jackson Barclay.

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