Edgy Pop Sugar Mixes Hip Hop and Disco. - Yes Please: Half Nelson
posted 01 Mar 2020 by Krister Axel
Life is strange, love is crazy. At least we have the music.

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Yes Please is back with a new single from upcoming project "Updog." On the heels of several Apple Music playlist placements and a Zane Lowe world premiere, "Half Nelson" is a song about someone who you thought was the one, until they start acting differently towards you, and everything falls apart.

This duo made up of songwriter Matt Miggz and producer apob delivers edgy, rhythmic pop sugar with every new track. By combining hip-hop influences with indie RnB and disco vibes, Yes Please uncovers a fresh perspective on modern life, and explores the instant madness of an attempted romantic connection that didn't quite work out. With hints of disco, and a massive sound from the kick drum, Yes Please continues to effortlessly combine groovy feels with big emotion and a sense of intrigue: life is strange, love is crazy. At least we have the music.

Last time I checked
You wanted my fingers around your neck

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