Nettwerk Rising Star Delivers Aesthetic Precision. - Freyr: Night and Day
posted 23 Aug 2023 by Krister Axel
Freyr again delivers an easygoing stylistic harmony between subject matter, production style, and emotional poignancy.

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We have written about Freyr many times before (here and here). It has truly been a pleasure to witness his rising star of a career since we first wrote about him in 2018 when he was still Freyr Flodgren. Now signed to Nettwerk Records, he is releasing his second full-length project, a follow-up to his seminal "Nicotine Bunker."

The rising sun signals the start of the morning, while the setting sun precedes the onset of the evening. We clearly see the difference between the day and the night. Allowing you to hear this dichotomy, Scandinavian alternative folk artist Freyr sonically draws a dividing line through these two extremes.

For "Chilling in the Park," Freyr settled in Altea, near Valencia on Spain's beautiful Mediterranean coast. Working out of Farkosten studio, he recorded with producer Mattias Eklund [Devin Townsend, Lisa Miskovsky] during a handful of sessions. Here, Freyr boldly steps away from his intimate Folk and Chamber Pop persona, to deliver a series of songs that fit more closely with a rock-driven paradigm. Freyr never strays far from his pop sensibility, with a focus on more upbeat energy and palpable groove. That being said, "Night and Day" does bear some residua of that acoustic flair, with a rootsy vibe that reminds me a little bit of Harry Nilsson.

"Night and Day" explores the infinite comfort that can so often extend from a deep romantic connection, as we are given access to that sense of beauty and familiarity between two young souls. This music video animates love as a literal dance between two bodies, with some very compelling choreography and a sort of antique/vignetted visual aesthetic. Freyr again delivers an easygoing stylistic harmony between subject matter, production style, and emotional poignancy.

In the night my lips are sealed
I want your body coming in close to me
I wanna be caught in the moment

Hear my silence and trust your instincts
I wanna to feel your lips like ecstasy
I wanna be your reason to stay

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This music video was filmed by Marco Braia

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