Wistful French Folk Pop from Quebec. - Listen to Geneviève Racette: Les adieux
posted 19 Sep 2021 by Krister Axel
Evokes feelings of love, heartbreak, and healing, led by an acoustic piano, a gentle rhythm, and Geneviève's own unforgettable vocal performance.

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We've written about Geneviève before. The last track we featured had strong elements of country and was sung in English, whereas "Les adieux" finds her singing in French with more of a focus on folk and pop as the second single from her bilingual album "Satellite." A sentimental artistic persona comes to the surface as Geneviève explores the final moments of a relationship and the inner struggle between a fear of the unknown and a hesitant obligation to the process of starting over.

Co-produced by Geneviève Racette and François-Pierre Lue and engineered by François-Pierre Lue and Shae Brossard, "Les adieux" was written by Geneviève and Éric Charland and features Eleonore Pitre on guitar. Her silky vocal delivery resonates with warmth and compassion as we flirt with the concept of forgiveness, but as the song title suggests (translated simply as 'goodbyes'), we are dedicated to the hard work of letting go. As a veteran of her local music scene, Racette embodies the cultural vibrancy of Quebec, blending a reverence for the art of folk storytelling with raw passion and a natural talent for beautiful language and poetic timing. Filled with lush instruments and expressive harmonies, "Les adieux" evokes feelings of love, heartbreak, and healing, led by an acoustic piano, a gentle rhythm, and her own unforgettable vocal performance.

Dans la nuit qui gronde
Encore le même mensonge
Qui ne me ressemble pas
Les éclats dans mes yeux
Qui brillaient pour nous deux
Ont changé

Si on rattrapait les signaux lancés dans le vide
Pour mieux retrouvé ce qu'il nous reste d'équilibre
Déposer les armes et éteindre les feux
Si on recommençait pour faire taire les adieux

As a woman in music it is essential to Geneviève that she surrounds herself with like-minded females. She is proud of the fact that over half her team involved in the creation of "Satellite" are female musicians and members of the music industry. Through fine-tuning her artistic vision and developing a profound network of professionals Geneviève is moving forward with a newfound creativity and hopes to extend her reach beyond the Quebec market, exporting her heartfelt music across North America and the rest of the world.


ISRC: CAEBX2100002

Co-write: Geneviève Racette, Éric Charland

Co-produced: Geneviève Racette, François-Pierre Lue

Recording Engineer: François-Pierre Lue and Shae Brossard

Vocals: Geneviève Racette

Guitar: Eleonore Pitre

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