Indie Paragon from Australia Drops New Album. - Golden Vessel: sun+tide
posted 30 Jul 2022 by Krister Axel
This endearing combination of hooks and beats somehow finds the sweet spot between melancholy and emotional expression.

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Golden Vessel keeps sending me songs and I keep wanting to write something about them. Since dropping his astronaut-themed, pop and hip-hop jam "Moonstone" years ago, I've had my eye on him and he consistently delivers an enticing combination of songwriting artistry and undeniable groove. I also think he takes the top spot for consistent and truly amazing collaborations, perhaps with an honorable mention to Donovan Woods.

He is going on tour starting next week, and I cannot recommend his music enough. I can only imagine what an intense and magical experience it would be to see him perform live—if he ever makes it across the pond to New York I will be the first to buy a ticket. We've covered a number of tracks recently from his new album, including "pockets full of rocks" and "so far." Simply called "everythingeverydayeverything"—or eee for short—Golden Vessel's latest opus truly crystallizes everything that I love about his music: it is thought provoking, lushly produced, and utterly unique in the spectrum of electronic pop, hip-hop and R&B. Do yourself a favor: buy the album, hook up with your favorite mood relaxer, press play and enjoy. You won't regret it.

"sun+tide" starts out with a dreamy combination of muted guitar pluckings and Golden Vessel's signature vocal whisper, quickly blossoming into the kind of swirling, understated shuffle-pocket that we've come to expect from him. This endearing combination of hooks and beats somehow finds the sweet spot between melancholy and emotional expression—capturing, as Golden Vessel so often does, a fly-on-the-wall moment of hesitation, romantic wistfulness, and momentary dejection. We emerge all the better for this introspective concession that we are complicated beings, and occasionally at cross purposes with our own desires.

i don’t want to go outside
i just want to waste the tide
wash my clothes in the night
hang them up upon the line

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