New Tracks for the Radio. - Spring Edition 2022
posted 18 Jun 2022 by Krister Axel
This was our busiest Spring season in years, but not for the reasons you might imagine.

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Well, here we are. I haven't written a radio update since April, and the time has really gotten away from me. As I mentioned in a previous blog post starting in March I have gone back to full-time work, but in terms of my workload that has only been half the story. Where we live now in the north country Spring is a very special time of year, we have a few weeks of sweet spot in late May where most of the planting needs to get done and that has been a big priority as of late. What is perhaps a little funny about that is I made some really aggressive orders for saplings earlier in the year when I wasn't working, so coupled with the constant need for mowing, the amount of free time I have left over is pretty minimal. But that's behind us now and I can finally look to the future.

Another big time investment as of late has been the submission platform I am building at, which is just maybe a week or two out from full beta launch, and that is really exciting. What started out as a simple drop-in replacement for the contact forms I am hosting with Airtable has evolved into an open-ended submission platform for creatives to get paid for their work and keep way more of the money they earn. But I won't spend much time explaining that here, feel free to click through and take a look and we are open to sign-ups if you are interested. The payments will be processed exclusively through, which allows for smaller fees and a better experience, but does require both submitters and creatives to have an account set up. I'll be writing some support documents to cover that soon. Expect some big changes over the next few weeks and then a stable release starting in July.

Let's move on to the music, which as usual I've been pulling in new tracks for radio play even as all these other things have been going on. One of my favorite things in life is curating for CHILLFILTR radio, so I hope our listeners can appreciate the time that is spent continuing to add new and exciting music. Since April, the list of new adds is absolutely monstrous. Anyway, here it is. A few things of note: one, is that I've found some unreleased tracks from my own catalog that I put on CHILLFILTR radio. So now that is absolutely the only place you will ever hear those songs; that gives me joy for some inexplicable reason. :)

And just to drop a few names for you in terms of what stood out to me recently, Ziggy Alberts was someone who I found through my mild obsession with Donovan Woods; and that makes two big finds through him, because it was also in a collaboration with Donovan Woods that I found Aoife O'Donovan who is amazing. So Donovan Woods—if you're reading this, big props on the choices you've been making for collaboration. I'm a fan of the music, and you certainly have great taste. Maybe you can work with The Lone Bellow next?

Joy Oladokun has been making a lot of waves recently, and I've added a large selection of tracks from her recent album "in defense of my own happiness." I even added a Harry Styles song, which I heard first on NPR radio. I typically don't do much with truly mainstream music, but "Matilda" is just such a well-written song that I had to make an exception.

Max García Conover is someone I have had my eye on for a number of years now, and his new album "Deer" does not disappoint. Finally, Abigail Lapell has recently released "Stolen Time" which is a very solid album, and perhaps my biggest surprise of all was discovering Lomelda. I don't even have words for how impressed I was with their 2020 release "Hannah."

cln - Undone (feat. Holly Hebe)
Litche - Colour of You (feat Anna)
Jerry Folk - U Got It
Klangkarussell - Calling Out Your Name (feat. Mando Diao)
Rachel Mazer - Something New
Krister Axel - When They Come To Take Me In For You
Krister Axel - Sunshine
Krister Axel - Harvest
BENEE - Winter [feat. Mallrat]
The Luxury of Being Human - Stories
The Luxury of Being Human - change the shade
The Luxury of Being Human - Bring summer back
The Luxury of Being Human - Luv Buzz
The Luxury of Being Human - two dreams in a wild place
Ziggy Alberts - Searching for Freedom - 05 Heartbeat
Ziggy Alberts - Searching for Freedom - 04 Letting Go
Ziggy Alberts - Searching for Freedom - 03 Don't Get Caught Up
Ziggy Alberts - Searching for Freedom - 02 Together
Skeleton Trees - Bite
Paprika Kinski - Lamento
LEIF VOLLEBEKK - I'm Not Your Lover - Live at the Troubadour
LEIF VOLLEBEKK - Apalachee Plain - Live at KCRW
LEIF VOLLEBEKK - Blood Brother - Live at KCRW
LEIF VOLLEBEKK - Transatlantic Flight - Live at Roy Thomson Hall
LEIF VOLLEBEKK - Hot Tears - Live at KCRW
LEIF VOLLEBEKK - Long Blue Light - Live at Starling Farm
ELIS NOA - I Was Just About to Leave - 02 Weights
ELIS NOA - I Was Just About to Leave - 03 Make Me Think Of You
ELIS NOA - Mad About You
Harry Styles - Matilda
Natty Reeves - White Lies
Ben Cottrill - Give Me Thunder
Ziggy Alberts - THE SUN & THE SEA (feat. Donovan Woods)
Riley Catherall - Vacant Lot
Riley Catherall - Venture In Vain - 01 Watered Down Man
Riley Catherall - Venture In Vain - 03 Robin
Riley Catherall - Venture In Vain - 05 Meet Me There
Chelsea Rose - 01 Eyes
max garcía conover - deer - 01 mary died a lover
max garcía conover - deer - 02 world war 3 is gonna be so dumb
max garcía conover - deer - 03 la scala
max garcía conover - deer - 04 i saw the devil he looks like me
max garcía conover - deer - 05 the gods of wasted time
max garcía conover - deer - 06 the cat tracks in sweet grass
max garcía conover - deer - 07 rich man
max garcía conover - deer - 10 the rocketeer
Stavroz - Nobody Around
Gabriels - Love And Hate In A Different Time (Jon Doe Radio Edit)
Cujo Moon - In the Stars
Golden Vessel - spinning
The Woodlands - Break It All
Yoe Mase - Zeroes & Ones
Chamberlain - Runaway Return
The Franklin Electric - Answers
SYML - You and I (feat. Charlotte Lawrence)
John Moreland - Birds In The Ceiling - 01 Ugly Faces
Damien Jurado - Reggae Film Star - 01 Roger
Damien Jurado - Reggae Film Star - 04 What Happened To The Class Of '65-
Damien Jurado - Reggae Film Star - 08 Taped In Front Of A Live Studio Audience
Stavroz - In Mindibu
Georgia Harmer - Just The Feeling
Georgia Harmer - Strongest Person
Georgia Harmer - Top Down
Georgia Harmer - Homes
Georgia Harmer - Know You Forever
Georgia Harmer - Talamanca
Joy Oladokun - In Defense of My Own Happiness - Bigger Man
Joy Oladokun - In Defense of My Own Happiness - heaven from here
Joy Oladokun - In Defense of My Own Happiness - if you got a problem
Joy Oladokun - In Defense of My Own Happiness - sunday
Joy Oladokun - In Defense of My Own Happiness - breathe again
Joy Oladokun - In Defense of My Own Happiness - look up
Joy Oladokun - In Defense of My Own Happiness - jordan
Joy Oladokun - In Defense of My Own Happiness - wish you the best
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 01 Land Of Plenty
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 02 Ships
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 03 Pines
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 04 Scarlet Fever
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 05 All Dressed Up
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 06 I See Music
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 07 Waterfall
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 08 Stolen Time
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 09 Sewage
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 10 Old Flames
Abigail Lapell - Stolen Time - 11 I Can't Believe
Callen - Love Myself Alone
juno roome - just like before
Dokkodo Sounds - Erase Me
Wes Collins - Jabberwockies - Jenny and James
Wes Collins - Jabberwockies - Cocoon
Wes Collins - Jabberwockies - Under My Fingers
Josh Garrels - White Owl
Josh Garrels - Early Work, Vol. 2 (2020 Versions) - 08 New Day (2020 Reprise)
Luke Sital-Singh - Dressing Like a Stranger
Phoebe Bridgers - Sidelines
Olivia Penalva - Judge Away
River Whyless - Monoflora - 03 Oil Skin
River Whyless - Monoflora - 07 Promise Rings
River Whyless - Monoflora - 09 Michigan Cherry
SINE - Truth_Inside
Powfu (feat. Beabadoobee) - Death Bed
Dina ögon - Tombola 94
Old Sea Brigade - Man Made by Delusion
Michael Dunstan - Walk The Streets On Sunrise
Lomelda - Tommy Dread
Lomelda - Big Shot
Lomelda - Hannah Sun
Lomelda - Kisses
The Ballroom Thieves - Tenebrist
The Ballroom Thieves - I'm Around (feat. Ariel Posen)
The Ballroom Thieves - Covers - 01 Lost in the Light
The Ballroom Thieves - Covers - 02 My Backwards Walk
The Ballroom Thieves - Covers - 03 Hymn #101
The Ballroom Thieves - Shine
Walter Martin - The Bear --- 01 Hunters in the Snow
Walter Martin - The Bear --- 04 Baseball Diamonds
Walter Martin - The Bear --- 05 The Bear
Walter Martin - The Bear --- 09 The Crow Symbolizes Love
Walter Martin - The Bear --- 10 The Song is Never Done
Donovan Woods - Big Hurt Boy - 03-i-hope-you-change-your-mind
Donovan Woods - Big Hurt Boy - 02-leave-when-you-go-feat-ralph
Donovan Woods - Big Hurt Boy - 06-no-time-soon
Donovan Woods - Big Hurt Boy - 04-cheyenne
Donovan Woods - Big Hurt Boy - 05-a-picture-of-us-smiling-at-a-party-5-years-ago
Donovan Woods - Big Hurt Boy - 01-i-won't-mention-it-again
Carolina Story - Dandelion - 02 - Lay Me Down Easy

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