Hot Preview - Listen to Golden Vessel: pockets full of rocks (feat. Mallrat & Emerson Leif)
posted 30 Mar 2022 by Krister Axel
Aussie pop phenom shares a preview from his new album "everythingeverydayeverything" which drops in June.

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Australian artist Maxwell Byrne, aka Golden Vessel has been busy working on his next album "everythingeverydayeverything" which is now scheduled for release in June. Today he is treating us to a preview of "pockets full of rocks" which is a collaboration with two of his good friends and fellow Aussie pop phenoms Mallrat and Emerson Leif.

Grace and I have a joke that I always take the scraps/half-ideas from our sessions together and turn them into Golden Vessel songs, just like taking the wilted vegetables in the bottom of the fridge and turning them into dinner. — Golden Vessel

Golden Vessel can never stand to let a good idea go to waste. "pockets full of rocks" came from combining a few ideas he had laying around with some vocal takes from an old session with Emerson Leif and an inspiration leftover from writing with Mallrat. This enigmatic ditty captures a bit of sunshine in the awkward space between trying too hard and missing out on love. With that signature sense of groove that has made Golden Vessel a staple of the indie pop scene in Brisbane and beyond, Mallrat and Emerson Leif round out the vocal mix by giving life to a story of two people trying to make a relationship work whilst also struggling with mental health.

"pockets full of rocks" delivers an enticing exploration of romance and the complex balance we find between our own needs and those of a significant other.

well i know you’re smart
knew it from the start
pushing trolley carts
and climbing fences in my dress
now the music stopped
and the milk is off
and the brakes are off
then i’m lying to your friends

we get like this sometimes
i know it’s already been fine
i get like this sometimes
this usually works out fine
trying to catch you
everytime i guess i think too much
and i probably owe a little more time than what i done

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