Simmering Soul from NYC and Melbourne. - Houis x Blush'ko: Pretend Goodbye
posted 23 Feb 2020 by Krister Axel
Sadly, love does not always find a way to persist.

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The debut single from French-American artist Houis features vocals from Australia's Blush'ko in a soul-inspired rhythmic confection. Currently based in NYC, and influenced by artists such as Joe Hertz, Cabu, and FKJ, Houis displays a moody sensibility and an RnB flavor that is low on clutter and big on emotion.

"Pretend Goodbye" is out now on Montreal-based label and artist collective Blanket Fort, and it is the 1st single from Houis' upcoming Nocturnal EP, due out later this spring. Boston University grad Gabriel King Houis got his professional start as a graphic designer, before transitioning to music writing and production as an extension of his love of jazz and electronic beats. His talent for visual metaphor translates well onto the canvas of sultry melody and chill grooves, while a laid-back fusion of hip-hop, French style, and vocal passion leads the way to a promising full-length release from this exciting young artist. "Pretend Goodbye" explores the lonely side of a relationship, as we are so often caught between the forces of attraction and the constraints of circumstance. Sadly, love does not always find a way to persist.

This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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