A Luxurious Blend of Slowcore and Electronica from Italy. - Nother x Moon Leap: US
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posted 19 Jun 2022 by Krister Axel
Be the fire when there’s nothing left to burn.

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Out this month is "US," the latest single from Italian producer and songwriter Nother—featuring a collaboration with Moon Leap, released on Abyond Music Records. This song was performed live for the very first time at Primavera Sound (Stage 10, Night Pro) just in time for the summer.

"US" is a luxurious blend of slowcore and electronica with a lush vocal presence and a beautiful drum mix simmering in the background. This new single from Nother is both a distorted love song about the end of the world and an anthem for new beginnings. "US" offers a template for facing your fears, and asking for help from someone you love. It’s a bass-heavy ballad with Moon Leap's voice floating over the intimate sonic texture, contrasted against a rhythmic soup of glitchy beats and uneven synth repeaters. Presented alongside a stunningly cinematic video directed by Marco Santi, this ethereal slow-jam challenges us to 'be the fire when there’s nothing left to burn.'

Nother is the solo project of Stefano Milella, created after years of collaboration as a producer, drummer and composer for movies and TV. He has worked on documentaries for National Geographic, History Channel, and Fox, while also writing several soundtracks for short films and movie productions such as South Is Nothing, Only For the Weekend, and There Is A Light.

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