Los Angeles Indie Rock. - Aaron Taos: Dazed & Amused
posted 30 Jun 2019 by Krister Axel
A soundtrack for the tendency towards self-sedation that takes over a life one party at a time. --- photo credit: Dave Krugman

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For Brooklyn-to-Los-Angeles transplant Aaron Taos, it has been a series of interesting events that has made his career possible, along with the requisite talent and drive. After starting out with a small-town band in high school, and after cutting his teeth with a copy of Ableton he didn’t have to pay for, he developed his early combination of hip hop and indie rock which culminated in a successful EP release of GUITS in 2015.

His story underscores the importance of keeping your eye on the prize. After a number of successful singles, Aaron Taos releases a series of videos in support of his new album Birthday Boy, and is poised to recreate his previous success with another cool groove that underscores the everyday reality of being tied to the mainstream media-machine and relentless news-cycle.

Watch the news and get high
What a life
This is all that I need

With a straight drum-and-bass groove to set up the verse, the chorus moves to an indie-pop flavor and we are exposed to that urban restlessness, the feeling of needing one more thing to take the edge off. Maybe honesty is a good place to start.

Quick, quick breathing
I think I’m dying
Why am I freaking out?
I need the truth

Dazed & Amused, the latest from Aaron Taos, is a soundtrack for the tendency towards self-sedation that takes over a life one party at a time.

Aaron Taos drops a video for Dazed & Amused, from his new album Birthday Boy. This song is featured on our Indie Rock playlist.

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