Experimental Soul Pop from South Africa. - aboynamedblu: Oh No!
posted 12 Oct 2022 by Krister Axel
Creates a sonic world of its own somewhere at the intersection of post punk, alt pop, and rock-driven soul.

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We have limited details about this innovative artist from South Africa. What we do know about aboynamedblu is that he is a writer, producer, and performer, and that his songs tend to range from a powerful, slightly manic pocket that pairs well with the experimental aesthetic, all the way to more classic, soul-adjacent confections that match plaintive melodies with dynamic, arena rock energy in a way that reminds me of a cross between Jamie Lidell and Queen.

Latest track "Oh No!" Features as the fifth track on his EP "I Heard You Tried to Fight the Sky," and feels more like an example of the former style, coming right out of the gate at a steady clip and showing no signs of slowing down. With plenty of glitchy, sample-heavy production twists and a strident yet oddly satisfying vocal tone, this high-energy single adds acoustic guitar in ways you wouldn't expect—and in doing so creates a sonic world of its own somewhere at the intersection of post punk, alt pop, and rock-driven soul.

[This] song is about running in to someone that used to be everything to you and now it’s too strange to even go and say hello. It’s always been a confusing idea to me that someone who I couldn’t imagine a life without would be the same person I’m trying my best to avoid. — aboynamedblu

"Oh No!" was written and performed by aboynamedblu, and produced by aboynamedblu and Cat Gallent.

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