World Folk. - Alex Cuba feat. Silvana Estrada: Dividido
posted 07 Jun 2019 by Krister Axel
A fun look at how to navigate our differences with style and grace.

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Starting from an unassuming figure on the acoustic guitar, Alex Cuba builds a deep world-folk track with classic elements of bolero and son, among others. The backbeat, the percussion, the tumbao-inspired bass line, and the interplay between lead and backing vocal parts can all be traced to the rich musical history of Mexico City, and Latin America as a whole.

Engineered by John ‘Beetle‘ Bailey, Dividido has an international flavor, with a strong focus on the roots of the local music scene in Mexico, and a guest performance from Veracruzana vocalist and composer Silvana Estrada. The result is an easygoing mid-tempo burner, showcasing some delicious jazz chords and a sparkling duet from Estrada and Cuba.

Dividido, the latest from Canada’s Alex Cuba, is a fun look at how to navigate our differences with style and grace.

Canadian-Cuban Juno and Latin Grammy Award winner Alex Cuba is at the helm of every instrument and has adopted a more minimalistic feel to the overall creative process of music-making with his 7th studio album: it was in Mexico City where Alex witnessed the growing movement of Latin pride among young musicians and fans, with a special interest in Latin American folk arts. The combination of young and mature featured-artists on the record illustrates the continuity of the canción Latinoamericana, of genres like trova, bolero, son, guajira, and the influences they have had on the jazz and pop canon. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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