Alexa Cappelli Reminds us not to Judge a Book by its Cover. - Watch the Video for Body Language
posted 28 Jan 2022 by Krister Axel
An upbeat electro pop burner with a sticky groove that serves as a warning in these days of limited social contact.

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We've written about Alexa Cappelli before. She is one of the most exciting rising stars on the indie pop scene to come out of Los Angeles in recent years. Her new single "Body Language" provides a perfect showcase for her unique combination of talents: from a sensational vocal presence and catchy melodies to a flawless production aesthetic that rivals the work of Julia Michaels and Olivia Rodrigo, Cappelli continues to speak her truth through the medium of pop music. She explores the story of her own life as a singer and songwriter born and raised in Southern California.

"Body Language" is an upbeat electro pop burner with a sticky groove that serves as a warning in these days of limited social contact: getting to know someone through electronic channels is no substitute for an in-person meet up. With a music video that finds Alexa Cappelli crooning from the comfort of her bedroom lair, the energy eventually builds into a full-on house party and a spirited celebration of physical chemistry. Alexa is in fine form as her alluring and powerful voice has never sounded better. "Body Language" delivers a rich and enticing pop experience for her ever-growing fan base.

The song is about getting to know someone in every possible way except for in person. It could be a long distance fling, or a new someone you meet online. They call and say all the right things, but in the heat of the spark, you remember they don’t actually know the real you. This song is a fun take on the idea to not judge a book by its cover, or even the preface for that matter. Good intentions are important for romantic relationships, but so is having a safe, accepting, and fun physical presence. How can you know when you haven’t spent much time in the same room? — Alexa Cappelli

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